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First Look: Galco Revenger Holster

Galco Holsters has just launched a new high-end leather OWB (Outside the Waistband) holster for revolvers called the Galco Revenger. The new Galco Revenger is part of the Masterbilt product series of Galco’s most-premium leather holsters. In addition to the new Revenger revolver OWB holster, the Masterbilt series also includes the Galco Thunderclap belt holster along with the Galco Stow-N-Go Elite IWB holster. As a revolver-specific holster, the Revenger is currently available for popular makes and models of revolvers from Colt, Ruger and Smith & Wesson. The holster is sized for medium to large-framed models with three inch barrels including the Colt Python, Smith & Wesson L-frame and Ruger GP 100 revolvers.  

The Galco Revenger is stitched from high grade, premium steer hide and the leather is worked over and molded by hand for secure retention and an attractive look. The interior of the Galco Revenger revolver holster is lined with a smooth leather that not only provides tactical feedback on the draw but also protects revolver finishes from scratching. Revolvers tend to have more refined and traditional metal finishes that, while attractive, are not as resistant as those found on modern duty guns. From a mechanical perspective, the Galco Revenger has a nearly straight cant as it sits on the belt so as to keep the shooter’s wrist straight and locked in when they reach for the revolver before drawing it. The mouth of the holster is rigid and reinforced in order to make returning the gun home and holstering it safe, even with one hand. Furthermore, the Galco Revenger is molded with a tall sight channel to provide enough clearance given that the revolvers it’s crafted for tend to have taller front sights.

Visit for more information on the Revenger holster and other products in Galco’s Masterbilt line.

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