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First Look: SIG Sauer Lifepod Portable Handgun Safes

SIG Sauer has worked together with VaultTek to create two new portable handgun safes designed around contemporary pistols called the SIG Sauer Lifepod Portable Handgun Safe.

Both of these Vaultek Lifepod 1.0 portable safes are externally identical, the primary difference being that one has a biometric lock while the other does not. Both still use an electronic locking mechanism that is powered via a 9-volt alkaline battery. Vaultek and SIG Sauer designed these locking containers for handgun users who lead active lifestyles and need to find a way to secure their firearms when not in use. The exterior reflects this with its modern styling and design that includes a centrally located emblazoned SIG Sauer logo. The Lifepod 1.0 not only meets TSA locking requirements for airline travel, but it can accommodate a single handgun measuring up to 7¾ inches in length (so most ultra compacts, standard compacts and service sized pistols will fit. Besides the main compartment that can accommodate this handgun, a mesh organizer for documents or other miscellaneous items is also built into the Lifepod 1.0.

SIG Sauer Lifepod Portable Handgun Safe Features

  • Rapid lock and unlock
  • Touch-activated backlit numeric keypad and manual keys for authorized entry.
  • Lightweight, impact-resistant strong chassis
  • Dual side latches to ensure a watertight seal
  • Can be operated with or without a battery, battery required for built-in lock system
  • A unique option to disable the use of the physical front key way to prevent the lock from being picked
  • Micro-USB port to power the unit in the event of a depleted battery
  • Removable SIG Sauer organizer with card slots, mesh pockets and a built-in AirTag pocket
  • Built-in lock system allows you to quickly secure the LifePod for added security when needed
  • Gun safe meets TSA guidelines for traveling with a handgun
  • Precision engineered safe technology and an anti-impact latch design
  • Powered by a 9-volt alkaline battery (not included) with a battery life of up to one year under normal use
  • Front rubber keyhole cover disguises an integrated micro-USB port to power the unit in case of a dead battery
  • Steel security cable included

For more information on the new Vaultek SIG Sauer Lifepod 1.0 series and to learn more about the differences between the biometric and non-biometric Lifepods, visit SIG Sauer’s website at

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