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First Look: XS Glock Fiber Optic Sight Set

XS Sights is introducing fiber optic sights for Glock pistols. These durable steel sights are made in the USA and deliver daytime brightness and visibility for Glock pistol owners who are looking to upgrade their competition and training pistols.

“Our fiber optic sights provide an exceptionally bright aiming point in daylight to facilitate fast and accurate target shooting,” said Jeff King, Marketing Manager, XS Sights. “With its angled structure, this design allows for improved light transmission and enhanced durability. We handpicked the US-sourced fiber optic for its ability to channel light and its resistance to cracking due to its chemical properties.”

The XS Glock Fiber Optic Sight kits feature a precision CNC-machined, serrated rear sight and a front sight with green fiber optic insert. An interchangeable red fiber optic insert is also included in the kit for those who prefer that color.

The front sight is .215 inches tall, which is large enough to be visible but still  narrow enough for precise shooting. The .060 diameter fiber optic gathers light and fluoresces for extreme visibility in bright light conditions common at ranges and competition shooting events. The rear sight notch is .145 inches wide with well-defined edges to ensure visibility of the front sight blade for fast target acquisition and precise sight alignment.

XS Glock Fiber Optic Sight Features:

  • Angled design for greater light transmission and durability
  • Anti-glare serrations on rear sight
  • Two fiber optic colors (green and red)
  • Fiber optic engineered for durability and light transmission
  • Steel construction to withstand hard use
  • Made in the USA
  • Easily installed with sight pusher tools or a hammer and punch

The XS Fiber Optic Sights are currently available for the following pistols:

  • Glock G17, G19, G22, G23, G24, G26, G28, G27, G31, G32, G33, G34, G35, G36, G38, G39, G45 and G47
  • Glock G42, G43, G43X G48

Retail price for the Fiber Optic Sight Set for Glock pistols is $69.99, and more information on this product or other items from XS Sights is available at

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