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Springfield Armory M1A 50th Anniversary Rifle Celebrates an Icon

For shooters that appreciate the classic, timeless appeal of 20th century, wood-and-blue American martial arms, then this one’s for you. The Springfield Armory M1A 50th Anniversary Rifle celebrates the enduring legacy of the legendary M14 rifle!

Springfield Armory M1A 50th Anniversary Rifle

Springfield first launched its series of faithful civilian recreations of the M14 back in 1974. To mark the occasion, a special limited-edition M1A will number a mere 1,974 rifles. Marking a half century of crafting the M1A, the anniversary rifle come with a hand-built display crate constructed of Eastern white pine. An OD Green cotton canvas sling, cleaning kit, and M14 Army TM-9-1005-223-12 technical manual really add to the overall appeal of this true collector’s set. The rifle ships in a black, zippered case.

Each rifle also ships with a signed certificate of authenticity, including a matching serial number and the personal signature of Springfield Armory CEO Dennis Reeces, affirming the rifle’s status as a collectable.

“The M1A rifle is easily one the most recognizable — and respected — offerings from Springfield Armory,” said Steve Kramer, Vice President of Marketing. “With this new limited-edition rifle, we are offering fans of the firearm a rare opportunity to own their own collectible part of its iconic history.”

Each rifle features a flash suppressor with integrated bayonet lug, giving it the classic M14 profile. The rifle action fits into a hand-selected walnut stock. The stock comes adorned with an inlet 50th Anniversary Crossed Cannon medallion. Additionally, each rifle features a custom-engraved 1-of-1,974 operating rod, symbolizing its unique place in history.

The M1A 50th Anniversary Rifle set retails for $2,499. For more info, visit

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