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This Caracal Enhanced F Pistol Torture Test is Insane!

We love a good torture test around here, and this one was fun to watch. Caracal released a video recently showcasing the Enhanced F Pistol Torture Test. The pistol took on submersion in water, along with burial in sand and mud. And it came out firing on all cylinders, so to speak.

Caracal Enhanced F Torture Test

The video demonstrates the pistol’s inherent reliability in extreme conditions. The performance showcases the platform’s suitability for professional or defensive service.

“We’re excited to showcase the incredible durability and reliability of the Enhanced F Pistol through our torture testing video,” remarked Jeffrey Spalding, CEO and President of Caracal USA. “This demonstration underscores our commitment to providing firearms that perform flawlessly under any conditions, giving shooters the confidence they need when it matters most.”

The Enhanced F Pistol comprises a 9mm polymer, striker-fired platform. It features snag-free carry in a low-profile design. It offers the Quick-Sight System, placing both the front and rear sights on a single focal plane. The system makes for fast target acquisition.

All metal parts come QPC nitride finished with an enclosed post-oxidizing surface treatment for increased durability and protection against wear and corrosion. The pistol rates for +P ammo. The trigger shoe, trigger safety, and trigger bar come in a combined, one-piece, multi-function unit (MFU). The design creates an extremely intuitive pistol, according to Caracal.

The Enhanced F incorporates features a high, deep tang. The rear slide serrations provide a positive grip space for single-hand racking. The pistol also accepts accessories, lasers and lights on the 1913 Picatinny rail forward of the trigger guard.

Retail starts at $549. For more info, visit

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