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First Look: High Desert Cartridge .32 H&R Magnum Loads

High Desert Cartridge, a company known for its 5.56 NATO ammunition options used by popular firearms trainers such as Bill Blowers and Kyle Defoor, has been working on expanding its product catalog to include more options for revolver shooters. During SHOT Show in 2024, two big names in revolvers, Taurus and Smith & Wesson announced new .32-caliber revolvers including the new Taurus 327 TORO and the Smith & Wesson/Lipseys 432 and 632 UC series of J-frames. These models have been quite popular this year and have led to an increased demand in classic .32-caliber revolver cartridges, especially .32 H&R Mag., which a cartridge that had been somewhat obscure.

Smith & Wesson’s new Ultimate Carry J-frame was designed from the ground up to chamber the .32 H&R Mag. cartridge, while the Taurus 327 TORO is chambered for the longer .327 Fed. Mag. round. However, much the same way that a .357 Mag. revolver can chamber .38 Special cartridges, the same is true of a .327 Federal revolver and the .32 H&R Mag. Many who opt to carry a .327 Federal revolver likewise prefer the .32 H&R Mag. for its milder report and smoother shooting experience. As a result, demand for .32-caliber ammunition has spiked like never before.

To meet this new demand for the classic .32 H&R Mag. round, High Desert Cartridge recently unveiled two new options for its customers in this chambering. The first is a 98-grain, polymer-coated wadcutter with a velocity of 805 fps and the second is a 100-grain JHP load that uses a .32-caliber Hornady XTP projectile and has a muzzle velocity of 850 fps. High Desert Cartridge loads these in a brass case and sells them in boxes of 50.

To learn more about High Desert Cartridge and its new line of .32 caliber revolver cartridges or other ammunition products offered, please visit the company’s website at

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