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First Look: Smith & Wesson JM 327 Revolver

Smith & Wesson has just launched a new, special edition competition N-frame Model 327 revolver inspired by world-record holder and champion Team Smith & Wesson shooter, Jerry Miculek. The revolver is called the M327 World Record Revolver and is chambered in 9mm. The gun is built on a scandium frame along with a titanium cylinder and will have a limited run of only 1,880 units. Notably, it’s also optics ready and includes Smith & Wesson’s CORE mounting system for revolvers along with a Vortex Compdot competition red-dot sight. With the reflex sight aside, the new Smith & Wesson M327 World Record Revolver also includes a brass-bead front sight and an adjustable rear sight. Because it’s built on Smith & Wesson’s N-frame, which dates back to its days of the 1930s Registered Magnums, the M327 World Record Revolver is able to hold eight 9mm cartridges. N-frames are the company’s second-largest frame size, behind the X-frame which is used for large-bore cartridges like the .500 S&W Mag.

At the Smith & Wesson Headquarters Grand Opening weekend in October of 2023, Jerry set two NRA World Records with his Model 327 WR prototype, making history once again and further positioning himself as one of the greatest shooters to ever do it. The records included the fastest time to hit six steel plates at 7 yards from the draw with a 9mm handgun in 2.01 seconds, and the same with a revolver in 1.88 seconds. “Crafted from the blueprint of shooting excellence, the new Model 327 WR is more than just a high-performance firearm – it’s a legacy. With modern upgrades to an already trusted platform, Jerry’s new signature revolver is a tribute to the mastery of precision and the art of sports shooting perfected by Jerry himself,” said Corey Beaudreau, Product Manager.

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